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For centuries, the idea of perpetual motion has fascinated scientists, inventors, and laymen alike. The dream of designing a timepiece that NEVER NEEDED WINDING eventually led to a bold new theory; a clock that could be powered solely by variations or changes in temperature and / or atmospheric pressure.

Watchmakers persuing this ambitious new idea were unsuccessful at first, mainly because with all their efforts, they were still trying to use the traditional watchmaking movements known at that time. All of which required too much power in order for the theory of perpetual motion to work.

However, in 1927, a Swiss engineer named Jean-Leon Reutter who was also fascinated with the idea of perpetual motion, finally succeeded in designing a movement that needed a thousand times less energy than a conventional clock movement! THE ATMOS CLOCK WAS BORN! Operating on nothing else than atmospheric changes and pressure, Mr Reutter designed the ATMOS to run, quite literally, "ON AIR".

As remarkable and ingenious as this new invention was, it still lacked total efficiency. It wasn't until a few years later, when master watchmaker David LeCoultre saw Reutter's invention in a shop window, walked in and purchased it. Upon close examination, LeCoultre then determined that the movement on this revolutionary clock could be made to work much more efficiently.

Just one year later, in the now famous factory of The Vallee De Joux, LeCoultre launched the first series of ATMOS clocks. Built with sufficient precision to uphold the reputation and highest standards of quality, LeCoultre's finest achievement - the ATMOS CLOCK, is still regarded as a technological masterpiece and is coveted by clockmakers and clock collectors the world over.
Atmos Elysee

The Atmos Elysee, fitted with calibre 540, displays hours and minutes. It is available with an arab numeral dial or a roman numeral dial.
Atmos Beaubourg
Atmos Vendome

The Atmos Vendome, fitted with calibre 544, displays hours, minutes and moon phases on a roman numeral dia. The base of the cabinet is in marble.
Atmos Opera

The Atmos Opera, fitted with calibre 545, displays hours and minutes. It also shows moon phases, thanks to a moon phases display with hand.
Atmos Atlantis

The French designer Robert Kohler was fascinated by the slow and silent alternations of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos clock. He has transported the Atmos beyond earth-bound time. Suspended in its crystal-clear capsule, the Atmos Atlantis seems to float weightlessly in space. This model is available in two versions : gold-plated or rhodium-plated.
Atmos China

The Atmos China, fitted with calibre 540 displays hours and minutes. The case of the Atmos China is black lacquered, decorated with motifs entirely painted by hand, which makes each piece unique.
Atmos Marqueterie 

In our high-tech age, wood was chosen in tribute to the ageless elegance of the Atmos, which has remained unequalled since 1928. Intended for collectors or enthusiasts always on the look-out for exceptional creations, Atmos has arrayed itself in all its finery : a precious wood exterior devised to match the unique concept and mechanism it houses.

Only the rarest materials, perfectly harmonised and offering optimal resistance to ageing, were judged worthy of adorning this all but perpetual movement. To meet this daunting challenge, the Manufacture selected the most prestigious types of wood. The doors are enhanced by marquetry inlays representing the earth's two hemispheres.
Atmos Marqueterie "Quatre Saisons"

The Atmos Marqueterie "Quatre Saisons", exceptional work of art gave master cabinet makers the opprtunity to give free rein to their creative passion. Common sense has no place here : passion and excess alone could inspire a creation of such complexity. Only the talent of Jerome Bouttencon - a marquetry artisan based in Sainte-Croix and nominated French "craftsman of the year" in 1994 - could accomplish such a painstaking task.

Using over 100 types of wood, more than 2000 parts were delicately fashioned to create a faithful reproduction of the 4 motifs of the seasons as depicted by Alphonse Mucha, a major Art Nouveau figure. Two years of work were not enough for Jerome Bouttencon to complete the limited edition of 25 Atmos Marqueterie "Quatre Sainsons". The finesse of the achievement demands a standard of quality rare attained in figurative marquetry work.

The Latest Collection of Atmos From Jaeger-LeCoultre

Atmos Classique

Housed in its gold-plated or rhodium-plated cabinet, the Atmos Classique clock invites one to study its mechanism in order to grasp its secret.

Horological Perfection
The gearing is so perfect that it requires no lubrcation. Oil would merely clog the mechanism.
Annular Balance
Its balance moves slowly and majestically, performing only two vibrations per minute. It hangs from a steel allow wire that is as fine as a hair and yet stable and resistant, thereby keeping any loss of energy due to friction to a minimum.
Perfect poise
The hands must be perfectly balanced so that the small amount of energy available in the movement can ensure constant rotation.

Atmos Classique Phases de lune

Housed in a gold-plated or rhodium-plated cabinet, it invites one to contemplate the phases of the moon. Its indication is so accurate that it will register a difference of only one day in every 3,821 years.

Perpetual moon phase
Thanks to its extraordinary movement, the clock indicates the moon phases with extraordinary accuracy. Whereas this display on a traditional timepiece shows a one-day difference every 122 years, the Atmos will take 3821 years to accumulate this one-day difference.
Month indication
Despite the small amount of energy available, Jaeger-LeCoultre has proved capable of developing complications for the Atmos clock, such as the month indication visible at the dial centre.
Personalising the Atmos
To dedicate the Atmos in order to mark a special occasion, the craftsmen of the Manufacture conceived the idea of engraving its glass cabinet using an ancient sandblasting technique.

Atmos Classique Phases de lune Transpaarente

Bathed in light, the clock invites one to contemplate the phases of the moon. Its indication is so accurate that it will register a difference of only one day in every 3.821 years.

Transparent cabinet
The clock appears to be floating in a state of weightlessness inside a glass crystal cabinet that fully reveals the horological mechanism within.
Moon phases
Like the dial, the moon-phase disc has also been crafted in glass. Its indication is so accurate that it will take 3,821 years to accumulate a one-day difference.
Month indication
The additional month indcation appears on an openworked disc at the centre of the glass dial.

Atmos Classique Transparente

Bathed in light, the clock appears to float in a state of weightlessness inside a glass crystal cabinet with a breathtakingly sober design.

Transparent cabinet
The clock appears to float in a weighless state inside a glass crystal cabinet that fully reveals the horological mechanism within.
Visible winding mechanism
The entire winding mechanism is revealed in this transparent version that is without the traditional capsule located behind the Atmos.
Glass cabinet
To underscore the absolute purity of the clock, the dial itself has been crafted in transparent glass showing ony the Roman numerals.

Atmos Mystérieuse

For its 75th anniversary, the Atmos clock adorns itself in onyx and diamonds, cloaking itself in mystery. Crafted in 18-carat gold, the clock eclipses the invisible forces driving its hands. This quite extraordinary model with its constant-force winding mechanism defies the laws of physics to push back the boundaries of time measurement.

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Mysterious movement
It houses within its capital the mechanism that transmits the invisible power from the base to a transparent wheel placed behind the movement.
Constant-force device
The openworked dial centre reveals the constant-force device, which as its name indicates, transmitting constant force to the escapement.
Limited series
It sparkles with over 360 diamonds; its base and capital are covered in ivory shagreen and white mother-of-pearl. A Baccarat crystal cloche protects this fascinating mechanism.

Atmos Regulateur Transparente

Inspired by the regulators of former times, this clock displays hours and minutes on two separate dials. Exceptionally beautiful within its glass and metal cabinet, it allows one to admire the running of a movement that appears to be suspended in mid-air.

24-hour indication
Two runners on either side of the moon phase support the ring indicating the 24 hours.
In order to reveal the mysteries of its inner workings, the dial and moon-phase display are created on transparent disc.
Limited series
For more than just a clock, this limited series of 50 features a design accompanied by undeniable aesthetic sophistication.

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