Audiolab 8000A
Intergrated Amplifier

"If you're looking for an all purpose amp that doesn't break the bank, one that'll go on working happily and consistently with minimal risk of failure, the Audiolab 8000A is the archetype!"

Six inputs including phono - MM & MC, CD, tuner, video, tape 1 and tape 2.
Independent listen & record operation
Bass & treble controls with tone defeat switch
Other controls: balance, volume, speaker on/off, and power on/off
Outputs: headphone jack, 2 tape outputs, & 2 preamp-main outputs
Speaker connections by metal binding posts

Frequency Response: Phono: 20-20 kHz /- 0.5dB; Line stage: 3 Hz-65 kHz 3.0 dB
Power Output: 50 watts per channel into 8Ohm
THD: 0.05%
Signal / Noise Ratio: MM Phono: 78dB; MC Phone: 75dB; Line stage: 80dB; Power amp: 90dB
Channel Separation: -60 dB @ 1kHz
Phono Overload: MM: 175 mV @ 1 kHz max; MC: 10 mV @ 1 kHz max.
Inputs: Phono MM: 2.0 mV/47k/85pF; Phono MC: 110V/100ohms/3.3nF; CD, video, tuner, tape 1 & 2: 100mV/20 kOhm; Power amp: 707 mV/50kOhm
Polarity: Non-inverting
Record output: 100mV; 1 kOhm
Preamp output: 707mV
Headphone match: 8-2 kOhm.
Dimensions: 17.5" wide, 2.9" tall, and 13.2" deep
Weight: 19 lbs


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