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XLO Signature Series Interconnecting cables
Type 1.1 unshielded unbalanced line-level interconnect:

For most source-to-preamp or preamp-to-amplifier applications. Superb rendering of space and ambience, with pinpoint imaging, unprecedented detail resolution and near perfect tonal neutrality. Unshielded design enhaces sonic transparency, but may result in hum or RFI problems if used in very long lengths or in very high noise environments. RCA connectors are standard.
Suggested Retail: $625.00 (1M Interconnect)
Product Description

XLO Electric Signature Series cables are the most nearly perfect interconnection products known. Non-system-dependent, almost totally uncolored, and setting new standards for transparency, detail and ambience resolution, they can make for significant overall performance improvements to even the finest system. State-Of-The-Art performance is why so many people say XLO Electric Signature Series cables are "The Best in the World".

All XLO Electric Signature Series cables are made in the U.S.A., with the combination of advanced technology, unique design, and quality of materials and construction that had made XLO Electric Company, Inc., the only company of its kind ever to be nominated for Du Pont's internationally prestigious Plunkett Award.

Advanced Technology: XLO Electric Company's field-balanced geometry optimizes electromagnetic and electrostatic parameters for better signal transmission. Filter effects are reduced by minimizing inductance, capacitance and resistance.

The Finest Materials: PTFE and FEP Teflon insulation and jacketing make XLO Electric Signature Series cables effectively impervious to moisture and oxidation, and ensure that they'll continue at peak performance for many years. Each wire of every conductor group is 99.99997% pure Laboratory Grade solid-core copper, and has received two proprietary treatments before, and one after, being individually insulated. XLO Electric Company's Laboratory Grade copper is refined to the highest purity available, and custom-drawn specifically for use in these cables. It is "stress-free", and 99% free of the grain structure affecting other high conductivity wires.

High Quality Construction: From bare wire and raw Teflon, to finished cables, every manufacturing step is subject to exacting quality control. All terminations are done by hand, using premium quality non-magnetic, low self-inductance, low dielectric loss, direct gold plated connectors of XLO Electric's own proprietary design.

Usage Instructions

No cable will perform to its full capability without an initial period of burning-in. For XLO Electric Signature Series cables, 48 to 60 hours of continuous use should be allowed before critical listening. Cables may be burned-in by ordinary use, or by connecting them between an operating FM tuner or CD player and a preamp with its volume control turned down. Special cable burn-in devices may also be used, but, for fully Teflon-insulated cables like the Signature Series, they have NOT been shown to offer any advantage over other burn-in techniques.

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