the perfect accessory for the audio component

GOLDMUND is the only company to fully implement the "Mechanical Grounding" principles in its audio components. By using the "Mechanical Grounding" in component design, GOLDMUND is able to cancel most of spurious mechanical resonance from the audio signal.

In order to provide the same benefit to other components that have not been internally optimized for mechanical vibration evacuation, GOLDMUND is proud to present the perfect accessory for the audio component "Mechanical Grounding": The GOLDMUND CONE.
The principle of vibration evacuation by metallic cones placed under audio components is now widely accepted as the most effective. But the very simple cones usually sold for this purpose all suffer of the same faults:
These cones are, by themselves, a source of mechanical resonance due to their metallic construction. The resonance generates "filter" effect that prevents evacuation of some frequencies by the cones, including coloration.
The also transfer energy from the support to the component.
Developed by the GOLDMUND REFERENCE turntable and the GOLDMUND MIMESIS 36 CD transport designer, Georges Bernard, the structure of the GOLDMUND CONES is much more sophisticated and has been elaborated to eliminate these drawbacks.
The GOLDMUND CONE is built of three different materials:
A very hard steel body. This steel, already incorporated in some parts of the GOLDMUND REFERENCE, is used to collect vibrations from the audio component. The shape and surfaces have been optimized to allow full contact without resonance.
A special high-speed metal point. Acting as a "Mechanical Diode", the point has an evacuation speed higher than the steel main body. The sophisticated assembly makes the vibration transfer easier from top to bottom than in the opposite direction. More, the ultra-high strength of the point avoids the rounding with time, very detrimental for evacuation efficiency.
A special elastomers compound is used inside the cone to fully damp its own resonance.
The GOLDMUND CONE, sold in 3 units' package, can be used under any standard component including speakers. The most beneficial use is below CD transport and speakers.
The new cone design has been fully patented by its designer and is a GOLDMUND proprietary design. No other currently available cone approaches its efficiency.
A very simple sonic test allows to display its obvious superiority, especially when directly compared with other conventional cone designs.
The recommended configuration for most electronic audio components is 2 cones under the front part of the component, one under the back, if possible under the most vibrating elements (transformers). For speakers, use one cone under the center of the front panel and one under each back corner.


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