CD / Super Audio CD player based on the design concept founded in Denon's high-end SA1 series.

AL24 Processing, to reproduce the ideal analog waveform
Original Drive Mechanism, DENON's core digital disc playback technology
High-accuracy D/A converter
DAC master clock design
Pure Direct mode, for pure enjoyment of music
Total design founded in the "SA" philosophy
AL24 Processing, to reproduce the ideal analog waveform
The DCD-1500AE features AL24 Processing, an analog waveform reproduction technology that DENON developed to reduce quantitative noise and support the higher resolutions and sampling of next-generation media. AL24 Processing interpolates the recorded digital data so that it produces a waveform that is closer to the analog waveform for the sound as it existed in the natural world. By reproducing in 24-bit quality the 16-bit signals recorded on CD, low-level signals such as those that occur at moments when the music quietly fades or starts are reproduced with greater clarity.
Original Drive Mechanism, DENON's core digital disc playback technology
The DCD-1500AE includes the Original Drive Mechanism that DENON has been perfecting over many years for both dedicated and universal CD players. The three-phase brushless spindle motor has been designed with an extremely short shaft that not only suppresses mechanism resonance caused by high-speed rotation during Super Audio CD playback but also suppresses internal resonance caused by disc eccentricity, to create an ideal servo environment. This design ensures superior disc reading accuracy and playability. The DCD-1500AE also incorporates a highly-acclaimed SVH (Suppression Vibration Hybrid) loader that features a hybrid construction combining multiple types of materials to further improve the disc drive's stability.
High-accuracy D/A converter
The DCD-1500AE uses a 24-bit D/A converter to perform D/A conversion. High sound quality is made possible with an extremely simple configuration that uses only a pure analog FIR filter in the output stage of the D/A converter. This D/A converter uses differential operation for each of the two stereo channels to further boost sound quality.
DAC master clock design
As in DENON's higher-end models, the DCD-1500AE uses the DAC as a master to supply clock signals to the various devices and ensure highly reliable oscillation accuracy. By frequency dividing signals from the master clock at a dedicated device, the DSD decoder that is vital for Super Audio CD playback and the DSD clock signal effectively minimize the adverse influences of jitter to achieve sound images with clear contours.
Pure Direct mode, for pure enjoyment of music
The DCD-1500AE includes a Pure Direct mode that turns off the display and digital signal output. When the pulse signals of the digital data and the display drive are turned off, adverse influences on the audio signal are eliminated to create a more favorable environment for enjoying the purity of music.
Total design founded in the "SA" philosophy
The DCD-1500AE sports a new design in a premium silver color that takes into consideration future system upgrades and inherits the quality of DENON's latest models. The external design and circuit configuration are inspired by DENON's high-end models as well, and when the DCD-1500AE is combined with the PMA-1500AE integrated amp, together they create a Hi-Fi audio system with a quality that is totally balanced.
Frequency Range 2Hz - 100kHz 2Hz - 20kHz
Frequency Characteristic 2Hz - 50kHz (-3dB) 2Hz - 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio 104dB (audible zone) 110dB
Dynamic Range 104dB (audible zone) 100dB
THD 0.0013% 0.0018%
Wow & Flutter
Below measurement limit
Signalling System 1 bit DSD 16 bits linear PCM
Sampling Frequency 2.822MHz 44.1kHz
Power Supply
AC 230V, 50 Hz
Power Consumption
Width 434mm X Height 135mm X Depth 331mm
SACD Super Audio CD

Super Audio CD uses a new and radically different technology called Direct Stream Digital (DSD) to convert music into a digital signal that can be stored on a disc. Compared to the traditional PCM method (the technology used for CD), DSD offers a much higher resolution by following more closely the original wave form of music. With a frequency response of over 100kHz and a dynamic range over 120dB across the audible frequency range – some 64 times higher resolution then CD - Super Audio CD offers music reproduction that reveals details you just can’t hear on a normal CD.

The Direct Stream Digital pulse train "looks" remarkably like the analog waveform it represents. More pulses point up as the wave goes positive and down as the wave goes negative.

The DVD-Audio is a alternative method for listening to music at a much higher quality than your standard CD's.

You can transfer SACD from a DVD player to a amplifier via 6 phono cables or using IEEE1394-output (Digital Audio).


SACD: Own the Finest Sound Available

If you're looking to set up a listening environment that will astound and wrap itself around you, then Super Audio CD (SACD) is your ticket to audiophile nirvana.

Here are just a few reasons why:
• SACD contains over 7 times the data of CD, resulting in an amazingly realistic sound that blows conventional CDs away.
• With an SACD-player and a surround sound system, your SACD discs can deliver a stunning 360-degree listening environment.
• Hybrid SACD discs can be played on your current CD players with CD-quality stereo sound.

All SACD players can play conventional CDs and make them sound significantly better. Some SACD players also function as MP3 and DVD-Video players, eliminating the need for multiple components.

For all the advantages that CDs have provided over the years (crisp digital sound, compact format, no cleaning required), many listeners continue to complain about the lack of warmth in CD sound. The introduction of SACD finally provides the transcendent home audio environment that many of us have been waiting for.

"When the orchestra came into the booth and listened to the (SACD) playback, they were completely blown away. They had never heard anything like this."
— Jerry Goldsmith (film composer and conductor), Home Theater

"Once you hear a Super Audio CD, you will never want to go back."
— Joel Brinkley, New York Times

Direct Stream Digital is the secret ingredient
At the heart of SACD is the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording technique, which applies dramatic new levels of accuracy to digital recording. Originally created to digitally archive priceless analog master tapes, DSD uses 1-bit delta-sigma modulation and a sampling frequency 64x higher than CD. SACD also provides a frequency response of 100kHz and a dynamic range of 120dB across the audible range, leading to very accurate reproduction of original source material (CD is limited to 22.05kHz and a dynamic range of 96dB). The result is sound that is nearly free of distortion and signal noise, so you'll hear music that is remarkably faithful to the original performance.

360-degree sound is the answer
Played over an SACD player and surround sound system, SACD discs can create a 360-degree listening experience that can only be topped by a live performance. But don't think of surround sound as some gimmick that merely swirls sound effects around your head. It is, rather, an expression of musical realism that recording engineers have always hoped to achieve.

With 6 channels to work with and the ability to separate instruments and voices with remarkable clarity, many engineers will experiment and create intoxicating ways to lay out sound within a room. Others may use the extra channels to more faithfully reproduce the precise acoustic signature of the original performance space. Either way, it means a home listening experience that'll inspire and surprise in a way standard CD never could.

SACD Discs
Keep in mind that there are four possible configurations of SACD discs, which can be somewhat confusing initially. However, you'll find each SACD disc labeled with a sticker clearly explaining which type it is. Basically, you'll find single-layer discs that can only be played on a SACD player (for optimal sound) — and hybrid discs which can also be played on conventional CD players (making it the format of choice for many SACD releases).

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