Stylus Cleaning Kit

Look familiar? Yep, it's the venerable stylus-brush-in-a-wooden-handle just like the one you had years ago.

Discwasher still makes 'em (although they got bought out by Recoton many years ago) and this is still the least expensive way to keep your stylus clean and protect your precious collection of vinyl from the ravages of dirty styli.

The SC-2 fluid is also a bargain; it leaves no sonic signature behind and is a very gentle cleaner (we use this to clean up the stylus after using the deeper-cleaning fluids from LAST, et al).

The stylish wooden handle hides the surface of the applicator brush from dust, oils from your fingers, dog drool, baby food, etc. The flip side of the brush even has a cool magnifying mirror for quick stylus inspection!

No analog arsenal is complete without the Discwasher SC-2 Kit.


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