Magnetic Interference Dispeller

The name Gryphon Exorcist is very apt for this very useful unit. It exorcises the magnetic interference with the paths of audio signals. When an audio signal passes through a magnetic field, it is highly prone to distortion, which is magnetically induced. This creates what is known as "white noise". This reduces the intertransient silence, and reduces sound stage depth. The Exorcist sends a 1 kHz tone through the system to dispel unwanted magnetic fields to produce a sound with greater accuracy. the reviews!
The Problem
The entire signal path from preamplifier input to speaker drivers contains conductive parts which can be magnetized. Connectors, components pins and even PCB coppertraces may contain nickel or steel. In addition to being poor conductors, these materials may be magnetized by a DC current. Most electronics have constant DC leakage, ranging in quantity from negligible to considerable, depending on the design. Many preamps and power amps generate a DC pulse when switched on, before stabilizing. This is particularly true of tube equipment of the old school. It has also been suggested that even the copper in cables contains oxides that may be magnetized. The application of a DC current is precisely the technique employed in the manufacture of magnets. High end connector manufacturers and others are ver much aware of this and subjective listening test has often pinpointed the degrading sonic effects of nickel. It is estimated that 95% of all gold-plated connectors have a nickel base beneath the gold plating. When a audio signal passes through a magnetic field, it is prone to magnetically induced distortion (MID), which manifest itself as a "whiteness," a lack of intertransient silence and a reduced soundstage depth.
The Solution
Those of you old enough to remember the venerable phono cartridge will also recall the indisputable benefits of frequent use of a cartridge demagnetizer. The Gryphon Exorcist applies the same principle to the entire audio system.

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