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La Nouvelle Revue du Son (France) April 1994

an essential accessory

The Exorcist demagnetizes the entire signal path - tube amps, transistor amps, passive components and cables included. The audible effect is immediately obvious. It manifests itself as a significant reduction in perceived distortion and a great increase in transparency, very much like the effect of demagnetizing the heads of a tape recorder.

Hi-fi Exklusiv (Germany) July 1994

Listen to Codeine's "Barely Real" after treatment with the Exorcist and you will fall off your seat at the very first note. There is far greater definition of the recording space, wider dynamic range, giving the sensation of increased overall loudness. Quiet passages are more intense and clear, macro-dynamics are better integrated and there is much tighter focus. The metallic overtones of cymbals are now a much more powerful and rich experience. You will hear low level sounds which previously were barely audible and feel yourself transported to the actual recording space.

Sara Marie Anderson sings "Bergen Havn" (Opus 3 8103) with a rounder, larger and more varied voice, making it plain to hear that she is not just going through the motions of singing a song, but, in this very moment, expressing everything in this one song.

We are talking about clear differences, that you would expect to pay thousands of marks to hear. With the Gryphon Exorcist, an audio system is elevated an entire performance class higher.

In a high resolution system, the same qualitative improvement would require an investment of thousands of marks, maybe even 10,000 marks.

Danes don't lie and the Exorcist more than lives up to the promises made by Gryphon boss Flemming E. Rasmussen in his advance announcement.

Let me make an announcement for a change: soon the Exorcist will be standard hi-fi equipment.

Stereo (Germany) July 1994

Voodoo or the War on Magnetism?
If you own one, you swear by it and that's all there is to it. What we're talking about here is a small accessory which more than anything else resembles a remote control: The Danish Exorcist audio demagnetizer.

Its effect is particularly audible in the form of improved high frequency resolution and a tighter deep bass foundation.

You don't believe it? Well, even notorious doubters will be convinced, once they hear their own system after treatment with the Exorcist.

High Fidelity (Denmark) February 1994

Yes, you can bet your life it works - and surprisingly well, at that.

To make absolutely certain, I used the Exorcist in connection with a group loudspeaker test, demagnetizing them at a late stage in the test. Treatment does not turn a mediocre speaker into a high end model, but things do definitely take a turn for the better.

Most noticeable is the great improvement in transparency - we're not talking marginal changes here, but seriously audible differences. Along with enhanced transparency, there is also increased resolution of fine detail. The space around voices becomes clearer. The depth dimension in particular is expanded and the rendering of recorded space is radically improved. All key aspects of stero soundstaging are significantly improved. After treatment, dynamic passages are conveyed with a new-found ease and clarity.

We also discovered that repeated treatments enhances the effect, especially the first time the Exorcist is applied. Four consecutive treatments revealed improvement every time. Beyond four there was no further change.


The conclusion is clear and unequivocal. Exorcism works! I can no longer live without it. The transparency of my system has improved to such an extent that it would be impossible to accept the way things were before the Exorcist arrived.

In my system, which must have been seriously magnetized, treatment with the Exorcist raised the level of performance more than upgrading my power amplifier, even though the second amp was significantly better. It is times likes these that I feel the effort and energy spent being an audio enthusiast really pays off.

If there is any justice in the world, Gryphon Audio Designs will truckloads of the Exorcist.

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