Independent Electronical Stroboscope

The GYRASCOPE, is the fruit of a long study. It combines two essential functions in a single device.

It permits the precise adjustment and checking of the rotating speed of turntables by the stroboscopic effect brought to the fore.

It can also be used as a pressing disk to make the record stick on the platter on its entire surface.

At 33 turns and 1/3 per minute (exact speed at the time of the record engraving), the luminous diodes seem to keep still whereas the Gyrascope turns. If the speed is not right, we can see the lightening diodes turning and according to the visible sense, we can correct precisely the speed of the turntable.

Autonomous, because supplied by integrated batteries, the Gyrascope is completely independent of the turntable to adjust.

Manufactured with precision, completely in metal. Thanks to an oscillator driven by a very stable quartz and of a frequency of a number of Mega Hertz, divided in a great number of times in the aim to obtain a very precise rate (better than the more precise watches). It's a reference of measure. The pade is easily visible because of the very light diodes, to allow a permanent verification of the turntable platter speed.

The adjustment or the checking by the Gyrascope of the rotation speed of the turntable can be done not not only at the moment of the installation and each time it's necessary, but also during the listening of a record, to be certain that nothing comes to disturb the extreme regularity of the turntable platter rotation.


Power requirement : 1 Batteries type 6LR61 - 9 V

Control speed : 33 1/3 rotations by minute

Dimensions : 81 mm * 66(H) mm

Net weight : ~ 500 g


Using Instructions

Put the Gyrascope on the platter and the turntable in gyration, the lightening diodes seem to stay still when the very precise rotary speed is reached (33 turns and 1/3 by minute, exact original rotation speed of the records when engraving).

If the lightening diodes seem to turn to the left, the speed is above 33 turns 1/3 and inversely. What to do is to act on the speed adjustment of the turntable to correct the speed error and to obtain the obvious immobilisation of the lightening diodes.


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