JVC TD-V1010
Stereo Cassette Deck

still one hell of a deck!!

Three design features that give higher sound quality:

Direct design - for direct input, NR DEFEAT circuit and D.D. motor.
Digital-analog independent design isolates control and audio sections.
Rugged construction design eliminates vibration and resonance.
Cassette shell stabilizer minimizes vibrations.
Cassette mechanism using aluminium diecast chassis.
Solid base minimizes vibrations.

Calibration adjustment function to take full advantage of the characteristics of different tapes

Adjustable recording level and bias.

Wireless remote control for operational convenience

Other features

Closed-loop dual-capstan mechanism.
Independent three-head system with fine-amorphous ferrite record/play heads, enabling monitoring immediately after recording.
Pulse servo capstan D.D. (direct drive) system.
New materials used extensively; OFC (oxygen-free copper) for PCB patterns and PCOCC (Perfect Crystal by Ohno Continuous Casting process) for signal wires, all of which transmit the original sound accurately.
Dolby HX PRO headroom extension (with ON/OFF switch).
MPX filter (with ON/OFF switch).
Multi mode display can be switched ON/OFF.
Digital peak/peak level meter (with peak hold function).
Auto tape select mechanism.
Music Scan.
Memory Stop.
Digital tape counter (with remaining tape indication).
COMPU LINK-1/synchro terminal.
Auto monitor.
Timer Start.
Gold-plated input/output terminals.
All-stage DC amplification.


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