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About The LAST Factory
The LAST Factory was founded in 1979 by scientists who were interested in preserving their own record collections. Their research resulted in LAST Record Preservative, a product that continues to receive wide acclaim in the audio industry.

With ongoing research, the LAST product family has grown to include products that are designed to increase the life of all kinds of acoustical and video media, helping individuals, institutions, and the recording and broadcast industries to save and protect their vast libraries of recorded information.


The LAST Factory
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Smart record collectors know how to easily protect their valuable records and stylus from wear and damage.

Records reproduce the most pure, realistic music, but records are subject to wear and damage with each play.

LAST produces the only products which extend the life of the record indefinitely and thoroughly clean / treat the stylus.

LAST products are easy to use and safe for all records, stylus and cartridge assemblies.

Power cleans all records deeply and thoroughly.
Reduces noise, distortion and record wear.
Removes all record surface contaminants.
Recommended for use with LAST Record Preservative.

Protects against any measurable record wear.
Maintains first-play fidelity for 200  plays per treatment.
Reduces noise and distortion on new and used records.
Enhances sound performance.
Revitalises and wear-protects used records.

Completely cleans stylus.
Reduces noise and sound distortion.
Removes all accumulated deposits and particles.
Completely safe for all stylus and cartridge assemblies.
Recommended for use with STYLAST Stylus Treatment.
Extends stylus life up to ten times.
Reduces distortion and improves sound performance.
Increases stylus tracking ability.
Increases life of stylus suspension.
Reduces record wear.
LAST Record Care Products by Greg Weaver

Every record is subject to wear and damage each time it is played. The stylus scrapes the record surface, exerting extreme pressure of 14 to 40 tons per square inch and leading to pits and cracks. The interaction between the stylus and record surface creates a temperature of about 315 degrees F (the melting point of record vinyl).

LAST products solve these problems! LAST produces the only record preservative which can extend the life of a record indefinitely and the only thorough stylus cleaner / treatment.


From the moment a record is removed from its cover, it electrostatically attracts dust particles from the air. The stylus then embeds these particles (hardness up to 8, a diamond being 10) into the soft record vinyl (hardness less than 1). The resulting pits and holes cause noise, distortion, "clicks" and "pops" in the music.

LAST POWER CLEANER removes these dust particles from the record surface. It also removes chemicals and debris left on records by the manufacturing process; finger oil, salts, acids and dirt accidentally deposited on the record by human handling; and residues left from other record cleaners to which dust particles adhere.

LAST POWER CLEANER for records power-cleans records to reduce noise, distortion and record wear. It leaves no residue.


Heat and energy cause microscopic cracks in the vinyl of almost every record, even on its first play. Each play increases the size of the cracks, which break the record surface and cause pieces of the vinyl to pop out, leaving a hole. Holes cause noise, distortion, "clicks" and "pops" in the music. Unless protected, all vinyl records become damaged with pits, holes and cracks.

LAST RECORD PRESERVATIVE reduces noise and distortion on new and used records.  It stops almost all record wear and keeps records sounding brand new for at least 200 plays.  You can actually hear the enhanced sound performance.

LAST RECORD PRESERVATIVE acts like a lubricant to reduce the excessive hear by about 100 degrees F and to lower destructive energy which are both generated by the extreme pressure and friction of the stylus-record interaction. Decreasing energy and heat help keep cracks from occurring. It can also be used to revitalize old records by dampening the harmful effect of surface holes, pits and cracks.


A heated stylus collects surface chemicals and particles, creating a "sludge" which sticks to the stylus surface. Extreme heat then bakes this sludge onto the stylus surface.

LAST STYLUS CLEANER completely cleans sludge from the stylus, reducing noise and sound distortion. It also will prevent a dirty stylus from wearing grooves in the record sound track.


STYLAST: STYLUS TREATMENT will reduce distortion and improve sound performance of a stylus by increasing tracking ability, improving stereo image, and preventing sludge and dust from sticking to the stylus.

STYLAST: extends the life of a stylus up to 10 times by lubricating action which reduces friction and wear. It also increases the life of the stylus suspension through its cleaning and sealing action.

The LAST Factory

The LAST Factory is a science-and research-based manufacturing company dedicated to producing the highest quality products to protect, preserve and enhance recorded music and sound on records and compact discs.

LAST formula products were originally developed in the 1970s by research scientists who wanted superior products to clean and preserve their own record collections. In producing LAST, they also were among the first to research and document scientifically the effects of wear on records and playback styli.

Based on their findings and recognizing the unique qualities and effectiveness of their formulae, the scientists founded the LAST Factory in 1979. They wanted to share their discovery and make their superior products available to every person who demands the highest quality sound achievable and wants to preserve their record library.

The LAST product line is the ultimate system of scientific care for records, compact discs and laser video discs. LAST's state-of-the-art technology cleans, preserves, and extends the lifetime of records, the playback stylus, compact discs and laser video discs.

Using LAST products allows an incredibly pure and undistorted signal. LAST chemically protects the surface of a record, compact disc or laser video disc. One treatment of LAST, for example, can extend the life of a record 200 plays....lubricate a stylus....or repair minor scratches and abrasions of a compact disc or a laser video disc.

Located within walking distance of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, The LAST Factory manufactures its superior product line with care and scrupulous attention.  LAST scientists are continually testing and developing new products for records styli, compact discs and laser video discs.

LAST products are handled by distributors and dealers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and the Far East.

LAST is the choice of the discriminating audiophile, the sound professional, and the home listener. The LAST Factory is proud of its outstanding product line and its leadership in record, compact disc, and laser video disc protection and sound / picture enhancement.

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