A brief explanation of how LeOre's creations come into life. From the preparation of materials, to the final assembly, a completely Hand Made job, for the best quality and customers satisfaction.

The Processes
Cutting pieces
Drilling the base

1.PREPARATION OF THE VENEERS: In this stage the preparation of all the materials used in the inlay is carried out, namely the veneer is cut and smoothed (wood, mother-of-pearl,metals,etc.), the bottoms milled and then, where necessary, paper is glued on.

2. PREPARATION OF THE PACKETS: A separate packet is prepared for every wood, colour and material in which the contents of the different packets to wood, metal, horn, bone etc. are methodically separated.

3. ASSIGNMENT OF THE DRAWINGS: The drawing corresponding to the cut is assigned to each packet. This is a very important stage because it is the stage of joining the parts of the inlay depends on the matching of the various materials and/or colours.

4. CUTTING THE PIECES: The cut is then performed using a saw-bench, jigsaw or any other cutting precision. The outlines are cut with the greatest precision. The tolerance of the future assembly is therefore given byby the thickness of the outline, which must be the finest possible.

5. RECONSTRUCTION OF THE PATTERN: After the cut, the pieces are arranged on a tray in order of insertion.

6. SHADING: Various technique can be used to give an impression of relief to the inlay. The most commonly used procedure and the one which achieves the best results is that of shading using red-hot sand. The sand is heated to a very high temperature (about 300 degrees C.). The section of the pieces of cut veneer which is to shaded is held with claws and immersed in the sand.

7. DRILLING AND PREPARATION OF THE BASES: The base to be veneered is prepared by drilling the outline of the drawing which is to be created. Immediately after the base is placed on a sheet of glued paper larger than the pattern to be assembled.

8. ASSEMBLY: Finally each cut piece is precisely insert into the base with the help of a scalpel point in order to construct the definitive pattern.

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