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Audio Physic
Company founder Joachim Gerhard was the mastermind behind the development of loudspeakers and amplifiers that boast levels of uncompromised performance previously unattainable.

Audiolab as we know it was founded by Philip Swift and Derek Scotland in 1983. Audiolab has always had a reputation for high-quality, no-nonsense engineering, excellent build-quality and reliability, and a component level approach which provides a sensible upgrade path.

Better Sound Through Research

Makes stylish loudspeaker using interferometry to design out undesirable cabinet colorations.

Wide range of (mostly tubed) amplifiers and preamplifiers.

  Convergent Audio

Goldmund was founded in 1978 and has ever since been dedicated to the accurate reproduction of sound and image.

Gryphon Audio
Manufacturer of high-end electronics, including pre/power amps, cd players and phono stages.

Manufacturer of CD players, integrated and power amplifiers, preamplifier and loudspeakers. Fredensborg, Denmark.

J.C. Verdier
Hi-End Turntables and Vacuum tubes Amplifiers

Jamo Speakers
Danish speaker builder for stereo and home theater.

Kimber Kable
For over two decades KIMBER KABLE has led the performance audio/video cable industry in technology, performance, and precision manufacturing.

Last Factory
Make your vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, needles, and magnetic tape recording last with Last cleaning and preservative products.

For decades the name Moerch has been well-known to Hi-Fi enthusiasts all over the world. The tonearms UP-4 and DP-6 are widely acknowledged as being among the best and most versatile in the world.

Nitty Gritty
Record Cleaning Systems

Oracle Audio Technologies

Austrian manufacturer of turntables, cartridges, tonearms and accessories.

Qln started in 1977 with an idea of how a loudspeaker should be designed to best reproduce the soundstage. This basic idea remains and we save no efforts in refining it and taking advantage of results from our research.

Radio Shack

From the humble start as a radio parts wholesaler in 1925 through the current status as a global leader in audio electronics, Shure products have been everywhere and seen it all.

Sonus Faber
Italian maker offering uniquely cabinetry.

Manufacturer of signal cable, patch cord, RCA, digital and video cable, speaker cables.

Tice Audio

Van den Hul
A.J. van den Hul B.V. based in the Netherlands (Europe) is a company that since its founding in 1980 has made it its objective to improve the qualitative aspects of phono transduction and musical signal transfer in the most broad sense by applying unique solutions and state-of-the-art technology according to cartridge and cable designer A.J. van den Hul’s profound experience and philosophies.

VPI Industries
US manufacturer of turntables, tonearms and accessories.

XLO Electric is a company that has very rapidly come to the forefront of its field.


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