CD Transport from Goldmund

Meta Research was a small Swiss sister company of Goldmund, founded to design and produce high technology digital audio components of the highest sonic quality at reasonable price. The first products were the Meta Laser 1 CD transport and the Meta Convert 1 D/A convertor. The Meta Laser 2 was an improved version of the Laser 1.

Both the Meta Laser 1 and 2 were manufactured by Micromega according to Meta Research's specifications, hence the similarities in construction to Micromega's own Classic Line series. The use of metacrylate front and side panels, rounded edges, as well as a special CD clamp, distinguished the Meta Laser 1 and 2 from Micromega's Duo and Trio CD transports.

The Meta Laser 2 uses what Goldmund regards as the best CD mechanism from Philips, the CDM9 Pro. This mechanism is still being used in Goldmund's top end CD players and transports. The top-loading configuration uses a CD clamp constructed of metacrylate and gold-plated brass, based on the research made by Goldmund for record vibration cancellation. This innovative clamp considerably improves the rigidity and deadness of the CD during play. My own experimentation has shown this clamp to produce greater realism to the music, in comparison with Micromega's magnetic/graphite CD clamp. The CD mechanism is built into a sub-chassis that is suspended from the main chassis on three columns, two with elastomeric suspension and the third being a ball-and-socket arrangement.

The main chassis uses a three foot suspended structure and displays a remarkably efficient use of the "Mechanical Grounding" technology (under license from Goldmund), to further improve the evacuation of detrimental vibration modes generated in the unit during operation. Two digital outputs for external D/A converters are provided, one RCA coaxial and one Toslink fiber optic.

The Meta Laser 2 uses the Mimesis PS3 external power supply, especially developed in collaboration with Goldmund for providing three fully independently regulated separate voltages to each part of the CD player's circuitry. To avoid any hum or vibration disturbance, the power supply is recommended for placement as far apart as possible from the CD player itself.

When linked up to the Meridian 606 (DAC7) D/A convertor, the sound of the Laser 2 was luxurious and smooth; vocals come across as full of energy and body, and overall transparency was of the highest order. These results were achieved with a simple Deltron 75 ohm digital cable that was supplied with the 606. As mentioned earlier, the use of the metacrylate/brass clamp must be considered critical to achieving this excellent sound quality.

 The Laser 2


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