Mørch Tonearms
DP-6 and UP-4

Anyone acquainted with today's Hi-Fi equipment will recognize that a number of outstanding products come from Denmark, products which are fine examples of high technical standards and attractive styling.

For decades the name Moerch has been well-known to Hi-Fi enthusiasts all over the world. The tonearms UP-4 and DP-6 are widely acknowledged as being among the best and most versatile in the world. In spite of the slender appearance, the Moerch tonearms have an amazing mechanical strength and stability. They are the result of the best precision mechanics, the finest craftsmanship, and realize technical and tonal claims without compromise.

What has been archived with the Moerch tonearms enables the cartridge to accomplish its task with extraordinary motional ease while maintaining a very high degree of stability.

The proof of their superiority lies in the listening! The Moerch arm have received high acclaim from both critics and skeptics, simply because their sonic superiority can be easily demonstrated.
The DP-6
The top model - an arm with "conventional" bearings, a silicone damped high precision ball bearing for the horizontal plane, and two precision sapphire bearings for the vertical plane. The damping of the two planes of motion is completely separate, and the vertical can be adjusted to suit. One of the sapphire bearings is adjustable to ensure correct cartridge azimuth. Finish is 24K gold.
The UP-4
A Unipivot design, with a hardened steel pivot resting in a concave polished sapphire. The bearing is damped with silicone fluid. The low position of the bearing gives greater stability than other unipivots. Finish is Chrome.
Standard vs Precision armtubes: The Precision armtubes have a large cartridge mounting platform, the underside of which is precision ground, resulting in better cartridge to arm contact.
Radial arm with interchangeable arm tubes.
Bearing principle
DP-6 Dual bearing
UP-4 Unipivot.
Effective mass of complete tonearm with arm tube
All arm tubes can be used with both models.
Light (green)
3.8 g
Medium (red)
5.7 g
Heavy (yellow)
7.4 g
Extra heavy (blue)
13.1 g
Fundamental resonance (depending on arm tube)
8 - 16 Hz
Tracking force (when using calibrated scale)
0 - 3 g
Bias compensation
Watch spring with string - adjustable while playing.
Azimuth is adjustable for correct channel separation.
Cueing mechanism
Piston in U-pipe, damped with silicone fluid.
Distance between pivot and center of turnable platter
212 mm (8 5/16")
Diameter of hole for mounting arm base
20 mm (13/16")
Rear overhang from pivot
70 mm (2 3/4")
Effective length
230 mm (9 1/16")
Offset angle
24 degrees.
Lateral tracking error
0 degrees at 66 mm and 120.9 mm from center of record.
Pivot point
Pivot point is in level with the record surface.
Bearing Friction
Bearing friction less than 0.04 mN in all directions.
Four (4) different balancing weights.
Internal wiring
DP-6 Ultra pure silver cores with Teflon.
UP-4 High grade copper, or silver as in the DP-6.
Capacitance per channel
28pF for both models.
Tonearm Cable
Several insulated cores and gold plated phono plugs.
Capacitance per channel: 100pF.
All terminals throughout the arm are gold plated.
Bearing concept of model DP-6
One internally damped, precision ball-bearing assembly for the horizontal plane of motion. Two pivoted sapphire bearings for the vertical mode of motion which can be damped also, if desired, and then adjusted to different levels of damping.
Bearing concept of model UP-4
Hardened steel pivot resting on a concave sapphire, and damped for all motions with silicone fluid.
DP-6 finish
24 carat GOLD, CHROME, or by special order BLACK.
UP-4 finish
Model DP-6 with the Precision armtube.
Model UP-4 with regular armtube
Seen here is the Amazon turntable with MØRCH DP-6 tonearm at the High End Society 2002 Show, Frankfurt Germany


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