Nikon F4S
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Nikon F4s, 1989
Among all the F bodies, the F4s is the most elegant look AF-Nikon ever designed.

The Nikon F4 was the second professional F body to offer autofocusing (After F3AF, 1983). Outside the Nikon boundary, virtually all the camera manufacturers faced difficult decisions on the respective approach to search for a right direction in their AF design. Nikon (& Pentax) has decided to commit adopting a backward compatibility with older Nikkor (where Canon & Minolta were replacing all their FD and Rokkor-mount lenses with a new lens mount). Nikon F4s actually sold very well in numbers. But the period between '93 to '96 was a bad time for Nikon due to the appreciation of the Yen and they was quite slow in responding to market ever changing needs. The eight years business cycle was too generous for competitions to catch up. The earlier decision to retain backwardness compatibility has not been capitalized fully (a move I think all Nikon users have appreciated such a considerate decision very much, including me). The slow and indecisiveness in the implementation to address AF weaknesses (mainly performance related) was proved to be quite disastrous and users began changing camp(s). (Canon updated the original EOS 1 to EOS-1n within a shorter 5 years cycle while Nikon took 8 for Nikon F5 !). Incidentally, the F4 was the first pro F-model that started to adopt a vertical traveled shutter curtain, resulting in delivering top shutter speed of 1/8000 sec with a 1/250sec top sync speed - fastest among all Pro F-models. The F4 was also the first Nikon-F that solely depends on battery to function + provides multiple metering systems (Matrix, center-weighted & spot) and a truly extensive choices in TTL flash modes. Lastly, F4 was also the least Nikon-F with variants.

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