Olympus µ[mju:]1030 SW Digital Camera
Ultra compact waterproof "tough" 10.1 Megapixel digital camera

Olympus µ[mju:]1030 SW
Ilse Jurriën : January 22th 2008 - 06:00 CET

Olympus Mju 1030 SW digital camera : Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Then get to know the shockproof, waterproof and freezeproof Olympus Mju 1030 SW digital camera since this unstoppable model goes anywhere you do. What’s more, advanced features such as Face Detection Technology deliver impeccable shots in superior Olympus quality every time. No other camera is this tough. The Olympus Mju 1030 SW is shockproof to 2m, waterproof to 10m, freezeproof to -10°C and even crushproof to an astounding 100kg! With a scratchproof metal exterior in a choice of Platinum Silver, Midnight Black and British Green, this model is always ready for action – especially since its 3.6x wide optical zoom uses an inner-folded optical path for lens protection during high action.

Olympus Mju 1030 SW - HyperCrystal II LCD
In addition, a 10.1 Megapixel sensor delivers superb images any place or any time, while an extra large 2.7”/6.9cm HyperCrystal II LCD provides a wider viewing angle plus a brighter view – even in direct sunlight. The new LI-50B lithium ion battery is also included to extend shooting fun even further.

Olympus Mju 1030SW - Digital Image Stabilisation
With advanced features such as Face Detection, Shadow Adjustment and BrightCapture Technology, the Olympus Mju 1030 SW delivers perfectly exposed and focused shots, plus better results in low light. Digital Image Stabilisation is additionally available to protect against blur caused by handshake or fast-moving subjects. And an incredible 38 languages on board allow users across Europe to navigate this cameras' intuitive menu in their native tongue. For added fun up to 40m below the water’s surface, underwater case PT-043 is available as an optional extra for the Olympus Mju 1030. The tough Olympus Mju 1030 SW digital camera will be available from February 2008.

Olympus Mju 1030 SW - Features
• Exciting shots in and by the pool and water as waterproof to 10m
• Take it anywhere, anytime as shockproof up to 2.0m
• Crushproof 100kg
• 10.1 Megapixels to make poster-size prints
• 3.6x wide optical zoom (equiv. to 28-102mm) for stunning close-ups
• 6.9cm/2.7" HyperCrystal II LCD with a bright display even in brilliant sunlight
• LCD at extreme angles (230,000 dots)
• Scratchproof metal body in: Platinum Silver, Midnight Black and British Green
• Face Detection Technology for perfectly focused and exposed faces
• Correct exposure of other image areas
• Digital Image Stabilisation for less blur
• Better low light shooting thanks to BrightCapture Technology
• Best companion also in winter as freezeproof
• 24 scene modes for the best results in different situations
• Liven up your memories with movie recording with sound (VGA resolution 30fps)
• TruePic III image processor for faster image handling and higher image quality
• Optional underwater case PT-043 (40m depth)

Olympus Mju 1030 SW - BrightCapture Technology
A technology developed for better shooting results in low light situations. It works in two ways: i) All available pixel information from the image sensor is used to provide a view on the LCD that’s up to four times brighter than conventional types, to make framing easy even in dark surroundings. ii) In certain shooting modes sensitivity is increased (resolution is sometimes reduced), which results in well-exposed images with accurate colour reproduction, high contrast and definition, even when not using the flash. Scene modes that benefit from BrightCapture Technology include Candle, Night Scene and Available Light.

Olympus Mju 1030SW - Digital Image Stabilisation
A special shooting mode, where the camera automatically increases ISO sensitivity to allow shorter shutter speeds - which helps to avoid image blur caused by camera shake or by fast-moving objects.

Olympus Face Detection Technology
A technology that searches for faces in a composition and recognises them as the main subject. It then automatically puts them in focus and optimally adjusts exposure to create an image that’s sharp in the right places and ideally exposed.

Olympus Mju 1030SW - HyperCrystal
A high-grade, fully-transmissive technology used in LCDs, which employs an additional layer at the bottom of the LCD to reflect light from external light sources. This enhances the brightness of the LCD, so even in direct sunlight images are displayed sharply and improved contrast compared to that of conventional displays. Also, it provides for particularly wide viewing angles without glare or shadow, so images can be framed from a variety of angles and viewed by several people at once.

Olympus Mju 1030 SW - Shadow Adjustment Technology
A technology designed to improve exposure for pictures with dark areas. Using a sensor that works much like the human eye, dark parts of a composition (e.g. a shadow under a tree) are identified and the camera then adjusts the exposure settings accordingly for those areas. The result is a more realistic and detailed picture.

Olympus TruePic III image processor
Olympus’ newest-generation image processing engine. It automatically enhances important aspects of image quality including: Colour reproduction (colour range, saturation and brightness), picture sharpness (reduced image noise, improved edge reproduction), as well as providing faster processing speeds.

The Olympus Mju 1030SW swims with the fishes.
Another wet view.
Front view - camera off.
Front view - camera on, microphone, flash, LED illuminator, wide-angle lens.
Back - 2.7" screen, zoom control, mode dial, menu, play, disp/?/LED, Shadow adjust / delete button, 4-way controller, with middle OK/Function button..
Top: Power, shutter release.
Side - AV/USB connection under sealed cover, wrist strap loop.
Bottom - battery (3.7v, 925mAh) and XD memory card, sealed compartment, plastic tripod mount.
Size Comparison: Compared to a Pentax PC-550 35mm film camera - a medium/compact sized 35mm film camera.
Size compared to Canon IXUS 90 IS.

µ[mju:]1030 SW - Accessories

Leather Case µ[mju:] series
Leather case for storage and transportation
  Neckstrap silver
Silver-coloured neckstrap
Stylish soft leather case for storage and transportation of all µ[mju:] cameras. The case is equipped with a separate compartment for the battery and xD-Picture card inside, as well as a belt attachment and a hanger for the handstrap.
This universal silver neckstrap can be used with all compact digital cameras and the MAUSB-100/200/300 USB Reader/Writer stick. It gives you the opportunity to wear your camera comfortably around your neck. It consists of a 45 cm silver chain embedded in a thin protective overcoat of soft, see-through acrylic.
D-7AC Power Supply
4.8V High Power AC Adapter
Lithium Ion battery 925mAh
Item: #200850-410

Use our D-7AC AC adapter to conserve battery power. Great for computer downloads or when viewing images on your TV.

Compatible with the C-50 Zoom, C-60 Zoom, C-5000 Zoom, C-7000 Zoom, C-765 Ultra Zoom, C-770 Ultra Zoom, Stylus 300 / 400 / 410 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 710 / 720 / 760 / 770SW / 800 / 810 / 1000, D-630 Zoom, Stylus Verve\Verve S Digital cameras and FE-220 / 290 / 350.

Compatible with the USB Cradle for DS-2300 \ 3300 \ 4000 Digital Voice Recorders. Does not connect directly to the recorder.

Digital Camera Note: Must be used with Digital Camera Coupler CB-MA1 Digital Camera Stylus 700 / 710 / 720 / 730 / 740 / 750 / 760 / 770SW / 780 / 790SW / 810 / 820 / 830 / 840 / 850 SW / 1000 / 1010 / 1020 and 1030 SW.

• Lithium Ion battery for µ1010/1020/1030SW digital cameras.

The Lithium Ion Battery can quickly be recharged with the Olympus Battery Charger LI-50C. The charging time is 120min

Lithium-Ion battery Charger for LI-50B
Deep sea digital photography made easy

• Lithium-Ion battery Charger for µ1010/1020/1030SW.

Smart and powerful charger for lithium-ion batteries LI-50B (925 mAh), charging time 120min., rated input of 110V to 240V.

When the action moves from the beach to the water, your Olympus digital camera needn’t be left behind. The PT-043 underwater case has been specially customized for the Stylus 1030 SW digital camera and is waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 40 metres. This case is perfect for fascinating underwater photography or capturing the thrill of water sports and activities. With its durable, high quality polycarbonate construction, it protects the camera from water while also cushioning it from knocks and bumps on land. Complete control of photo functions, such as zoom and flash mode, is also permitted.

• Waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to 40 m depth
• Simple handling above and under water
• All camera functions can be controlled
• Detachable LCD hood for LCD monitor
• Neutral buoyancy under water
• Screw mount for converter lenses and filters provided. Front Thread: 52mm
• Internal flash can be used underwater to trigger digital compatible slave
• Standard tripod socket permits attachment of lighting tray.

Item #202172

Replacment Accessories:
Silicone Grease for PT Series Underwater Housings
Silica-5 Gel for PT Series Underwater Housing
O-Ring for PT-042\PT-043 Underwater Housing
PRLC-10 Front Cap for the PT0-43
PFUD-07 LCD Hood for PT-041/PT-043

Underwater Flash:
UFL-1 Underwater Strobe
Underwater Short Arm PTSA-02(W)

Digital Camera Power Coupler
Some of our digital cameras are not equipped with DC-out anymore. If you'd like to use an AC-adapter with these models, this adapter cable connects the USB-plug of your digital camera with the optional AC-Adapter.

Compatible with µ-700, µ-720 SW, µ 790 SW, µ-810, µ 820, µ 830 and µ 1200 in connection with D-7AC Adapter and FE-130 / FE-140 with C-3AC Adapter.


Manuals For Download:
Stylus 1030 SW Instruction Manual (English) (7.2 MB)


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