Amati Homage Loudspeakers


This is the second commemorative loudspeaker from Sonus Faber. In June 1993 Guarneri homage inaugurated a programme of three tributes dedicated to the grand Masters of the art of violin making in Cremona: giuseppe Guarneri, Andrea Amati and Antonio Stradivari.


Structural rigidity, resonance control and excellent sound dispersion are the product of this sophisticated acoustic cabinet. The lute shape was first developed by  Sonus Faber in 1990 and was introduce on the market in 1993 with Guarneri homage. The absence of the far wall and the curved sides make this cabinet extremely rigid and immune to vibrations. Moreover, this design encourages a more homogeneous response from the loudspeaker than is possible with usual parallel-sided shapes. The back wave produced by the loudspeaker is easily transmitted to the reflex channel, thus reducing inner reverberation. The resonances are controlled with copper-leaded tuning parts.

The cabinet is made of sheets of wood of various consistency, which are joined by means of a polymeric glue with a high a high coefficient of viscosity in order to dampen vibration. The benefit if such a complex structure is the capacity for excellent dynamic contrasts, a precious element for correct musical reproduction.


They represent the state of the art in terms of intrinisic musical quality. They are manufactured according to the free compression driver concept, able to reproduce the slightest musical detail at high speed, whit absolute control and great power. The tweeter has no ferrofluid content, so that the moving coil can reproduce the softest musical transients. The midrange is a carefully developed component designed for excellent linearity. The cone is made of paper, carbonium an titanium, an ideal metal for equalization. The woofer cones, made of paper carbonium, are extra-rigid in order to avoid break-up phenomena and are individually equalized with damping substances. All drives benefit from a system which controls the impedance according to frequency variations.


It is optimised to absorb the minimum energy and therefore to give the best possible impulse response, as well as maximum transparency. Minimum-tolerance components with a high musical value are used throughout. High-conductivity copper and silver cables are for all wiring. The network is insulated against vibration by virtue of our resin encapsulation system. System efficiency allows minimum amplifier power (30 Watt|per channel).


The artisan-grade finish is hand-applied by skilled craftsmen, the result of a meticulous and painstaking procedure. The lacquering consists of seven coats of red and black lacquer, in rememberance of the instruments made in Cremona, the native city of Andrea Amati, to whom this homage is dedicated.


The sum of  Sonus Faber  experience is manifested in this project, a labour that embodies their most important goal: the extension of the reproducible range, together with the highest sound quality attainable. Speed, detail and extraordinary imaging capability are the result of this effort. It has been the intention to produce a loudspeaker worthy of  the name of the man it honours. We hope the Amati homage will provide you with a lifetime of  transcendent musical experiences.

The Amati homage will be officially presented in London at the HI FI News Show in September at the Renaissance Hotel. The production will start in September '98.

Design Specifications
System Lute design 3 was ventedd box floor standing
Cabinet Obtained by 21 high density sheets of wood, special resonance control with tuning by copperlead.
Tweeter 28mm soft-dome, multiple coating, high resolution, no ferro fluid (low loss free compression)
Midrange 180MM paper carbonium titanium cone, multiple coating (low loss free compression)
Woofers 2x210mm extra-rigid paper carbonium cone, multiple coating (low loss free compression)
Cross-over First order attenuated, very high musical value components Low bass - mid 200Hz, mid - treble 2.5KHz
Sensitivity 92dB|1W|1m
Impedance 4 ohms nominal
Power Minimum amplifier 30W, maximum 300W without clipping
Frequency Response 24Hz - 30 Khz, tuning port included
Dimensions 265 -580 -1170 mm (WDH)
11 - 23 - 47 in (WDH)
Weight 140 Kg  per pair without packing
160 Kg  per pair shipping weight
The Making of the Amati Homage
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