Sonus Faber EXTREMA
6 dB/Octave Reference



Extrema - At the limits of reproduction

A "high technology" speaker, Extrema was designed with the aim of handling high dynamics with the lowest possible distortion. It is the first speaker without capacitors in series with the signal (sine cap). It cannot be purchased without commitment because it demands absolute excellence in both the partnering electronics and the installation. The need to calibrate this speaker is paramount if its talents are to be exploited. The cables used must harmonize with the various elements of the system: source, amplification, speakers and environment. With time, knowledge and dedication, Extrema will give voice to all that the music lover desires. It is a medley of technical marvels, but its most exciting aspect is its ability to bend to our will, to make it express all for which it is capable.


The Extrema was launched in 1991. This revolutionary speaker system is still today one of the highest technological and musical expressions of all dynamic speakers.

One thousand pairs for an "extreme" synthesis of technology. Incredibly powerful and delightfully refined at the same time, Extrema is a loudspeaker freed from convention, studied in each of its elements - starting from the shape of the cabinet itself - in order to give birth to a new concept of listening.


For Sonus Faber, Minima, Parva, Electa and Electa Amator are not only the symbols of international success but, above all, represent a wealth of experience which has spurred us on towards the development of a new, ambitious product aimed at obtaining high dynamics with the minimum distortion possible.

Now the target has been achieved and is called E X T R E M A, our new state of the art speaker.

The solutions we have adopted are the results of lengthy research into non-conventional materials and methodologies.

The strong points of this system are special drivers (the mid-woofer undergoes over 60 hours non-stop of runnin-in to optimize the performances), an original 6 dB/ octave crossover, the first without capacitors in series with the signal, fine adjustment of the damping at low frequencies, and cabinet design which optimizes the performance of the components.

We feel that E X T R E M A represents the maximum in the evolution of the dynamic speaker today and is therefore the ideal complement for the most sophisticated electronic systems.

production of extremas

Mid-woofer 190 mm high performance and low distortion
Voice coil 75 mm
S.D. system
P.P. cone carbonium-acrilate coated
Power handling DIN 350 W ? 2000 W 10 ms
(Skaanings Audio Technology Danmark)
Tweeters 28 mm soft dome high resolution
(Esotar T330/SF Dynaudio  Danmark)
Low Bass 35 Hz tuning passive radiator with damping control system, five positions (B 139 Kef England)
Crossover 2 kHz first order 6dB/octave with special high-pass inductive type without capacitors
Impedance Nominal 4 ohm
Sensitivity 88 dB (2.83 V rms 1 W 1 mt)
Cabinet Polystratum System, special sandwich construction
Dimensions 27 x 55 x 46 cm (WxDxH)
Weight 80 kilos pair (not including stands)

Combination of black satin lacquer and solid walnut wood




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