Minima Loudspeakers

Minima - A modern classic

Minima is one of a very small group of speakers which has passed the test of time. It endures because it is unaffected by fashion or obsolescence. A sense of completeness characterizes Minima: its skill at maintaining all of the aspects of music in correct proportion, rendering the music as a whole throughout its entire range. An "open air" speaker, Minima likes to breathe and should therefore not be used on a shelf or placed near to a wall. Sited nearer to the center of the room, Minima will, with great humility, disappear completely as it serves the music. It works well with small integrated amplifiers that have been matched to the speaker with musical sensitivity, but will, at the same time, rise to the opportunity presented by the high-performance electronics which will magnify its inherent excellence. Many Minimas are now in the possession of music lovers around the world, a testimony to its undoubted quality.

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