Minima Amator Loudspeakers

Minima Amator - The maturing of the Minima

If the Minima embodies airiness, then Minima Amator adds to it a touch of liquidity. To the openness of the Minima, the Minima Amator imparts a sense of "flowing", of smoothness. Its presence is larger, the speaker also working best nearer the center of the room. The tweeter is placed above the listener, the speaker's positioning being a critical part of the installation: it requires patience to extract all that Minima Amator can offer, patience rewarded at the moment the speakers disappear and the entire room becomes a part of the music. In terms of imaging, this speaker provides results few would imagine available from such a compact enclosure. At this stage in the Sonus Faber range it is advised that the system features electronics which are above reproach: Minima Amator will embarrass lesser amplifiers. Once installed to perfection, Minima Amator will tire neither the ear nor the listener.

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