Sonus Faber Range Of Speakers

"Concertino" by Antonio Bueno


Sonus Faber started as a small, local, specialized manufacturer of loudspeakers. By now Sonus Faber is one of the leading Italian audiocompanies with worldwide recognition.

Designer Franco Serblin and managing director Césare Bevilacqua not only represent the top of their respective skills, they are also recognized as belonging to the nicest people of the audio community. You can return this statement with the remarks that that can not be too difficult knowing what kind of persons you meet in this industry and that most foreigners already "melt" for the Italian waiter reading the menu in his native language, fact is that the designs and products of Sonus Faber are worldwide highly appreciated and wanted.

Almost all the time and almost everywhere in the world, consumers are facing waiting lists. Specially the Sonus Faber Guarneri loudspeaker is a product which can only be bought (and produced!) with a lot of patience. As a result of this high demand for and the limited supply of Sonus Faber loudspeakers, some other manufacturers also started to offer loudspeakers in "solid" wood. These look-a-like Sonus Fabers are absolutely less in soundquality and finishing and are becoming known as Clonus Faber. Who wants to own that? We wonder how those manufacturers will react while Sonus Faber is creating now a new level of absolute and relative quality with their current Concert range of loudspeakers .......

Concertino - Affordable excellence
the new Concertino - A painting by the famous master antonio bueno
Concertino Domus - Grace and naturalness
Concerto - Power blended with grace
Concerto Domus - Performance and character
Concerto Grand Piano - Performance and class
Grand Piano Domus Loudspeakers - capable of re-evoking the emotion of a musical performance
Minuetto - Il bambino
Minima - A modern classic
Minima Amator - The maturing of the minima
Signum - Combination of tradition and innovation
Electa - Establishing the family tradition
Electa Amator - The condensed energy
Electa Amator II - A product for a new millennium
Extrema - At the limits of reproduction
Cremona Auditor - meets the most demanding listener's insistence on superior sound.
Cremona - The finest cabinet-built speaker
Guarneri Homage - Homage to the grand masters
Amati Homage - The second commemorative loudspeaker from sonus faber
Stradivari Homage - Franco Serblin's final homage model
The Gravis - unconventional subwoofer made for easy positioning
Gravis Domus - An extraordinary subwoofer
Cremona Subwoofer - reference compliment for home theatre systems
Wall Domus - compact sound diffuser designed for use in Home Theatre environments
Center Domus - extend the use of Domus sound diffusers in Home Theatre interiors

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