TICE Titan
The AC Energy Storage System

The Titan is the companion unit for those audiophiles who own a Power Block™. The Titan uses the energy suspended in its laminated core to generate a reverse electromotive force that supplies instantaneous power demands with ease.

Our research has provided us with some startling answers related to how much power line problems affect audio equipment sonically. When the Power Block™ is used alone, it electrically isolates audio equipment from the problems associated with normally "dirty" power lines. The Power Block™ was designed to have the same current feed capabilities as a standard AC power line. When a Titan is added to a Power Block™, it virtually doubles its instantaneous current delivery capability. The Power Block™ and Titan form a unique state of the art AC power conditioning and transient energy storage system. Some of the sonic benefits of the Titan, in addition to those already achieved by the Power Block™ are:


Great Dynamic range and apparent amplifier power
Power amps exhibit far greater control over the speakers they drive
Improved imaging capabilities, i.e., images exist in their own spaces with less overlapping and smearing
The Titan is housed in a Power Block™ style ¼" thick ABS enclosure, with a matching solid brushed brass front panel. The Titan connects to the rear of the Power Block™ with an easy-to-connect six pin heavy duty snap lock plug and jack system preventing the possibility of accidental separation. The Titan uses the same innovative technology designed by George Tice for the Power Block™.
The Power Block™ - Titan combination provides a transient reservoir of clean AC power incorporating technology never before available.

Dimensions: L.18½" x 10½" x 9½" Shipping weight 66 lbs. Warranty: 1 year.


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